Why E-learning Videos are Better than Instructor-Led Live Training

I’ve been creating so many training videos lately that I recently took some time to think about why I love video based on-line training more than I’ve ever liked going into a classroom and sitting through hours or days of an instructor led classroom course. Although in traditional  Web based Learning, learners don’t design the content, they have greater control over their learning environment and can modify it to meet their learning and life styles.

Online learning is so very different from stand-up training that it is good to take pause to think about it. Yes, both approaches have their benefits and disadvantages, but the ramifications of online learning are huge. First, here are ten things that make self-paced e-learning courses exceedingly valuable. 6-29-2010 4-47-17 PM

Top Ten Benefits

  1. You can learn at your own pace.
  2. You can stop to look up definitions.
  3. You can review what you want to review.
  4. You can control the volume of the “teacher.”
  5. You can comfortably learn in your own style.
  6. You can stop and think about what you are learning.
  7. You don’t have to fly around the country for training.
  8. You can follow along while doing the task you are learning.
  9. The content is consistent for everyone who takes the course.
  10. You usually have an opportunity to interact, practice, or check your knowledge.

The businesses I have been working for lately have been slowly moving all their instructor led courses to Camtasia videos and realizing a great return on investment.  Students have so much more control over the pace of their learning and get through the same material much more quickly without being bored. They are also able to review the topics they forget any time they need to.



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