Making a Screencast – Client Deliverables

my-guest-blogEvery once in a while I like to feature a client screencast and share a bit about some of my interactions with the the client while creating it. Today I just got great feedback from my latest client, Ann Smarty, over at on the video we (I say we because this was a team effort) created for her business. First take a look at the video, then I’ll share with you the high level plan for creating it.


First, I want to thank Debbie LaPointe, who joined my team a few months back for doing all the visuals in this screencast. I think she did a wonderful job and did the whole thing while suffering from the flue. Now that is dedication!

The High Level Plan

Whenever I start work for a new clients I always send them an e-mail with my list of deliverables.  Most clients don’t care about all the little details about how you or your team will get the work done.  Those types of project plans work internally but are it too much detail for your client.

Here is what I send the client.  The dates depend a lot on my workload and when they give me feedback on what I have already sent them to review.  I’d say it’s pretty typical of the timeline for a 3 minute video.


Deliverable Date
Script 3/1
Storyboard 3/4
Narration 3/5
Video Draft 3/10
Revisions Completed 3/15
Final Video Uploaded 3/17


If it is just you or one other person creating the video and it is only one video you may not need anything else to keep you on track.  Especially if you have been doing these for a while.  Of course if you have a few people working on the project or you are fairly new you will want to have lots of tasks below each deliverable to share with your team. For example the item “Video Draft” Has about 10 tasks below it on the Project Plan I use internally.

I also find that if a few days go by between deliverables the client appreciates a simple e-mail letting them know the status of the project. It can be as little as one sentence. Otherwise, they wonder what is going on and if you are really working on their project.

Hope this has given you a big picture look at how I work with a client. If you are interested in having me create video screencasts for you please take a look at my screencast portfolio then contact me.

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