What should I choose you for our Camtasia training?

People choose me for many different reasons. Not only am I a Techsmith recommended Camtasia expert but have a background in Instructional Design and have years of corporate training experience which means you can trust me to give you good advice on how to structure your e-learning. But after someone feels confident that I can teach them what they need to know they usually contact me because I am very affordable and flexible. You don’t need to wait for a class to fill up. And then, of course, there is the convenience of having someone come to your office and train you while you create your own project. You just don’t get that kind of personal attention from the big training providers. Sometimes just working together to create your course template in Camtasia is worth the price of the training itself because it saves you so much time.

What version of the software do you teach?

I am currently teaching version 6 or 7.

What do I need to know in order to take your class?

You need basic familiarity with your computer and its operating system. You must be comfortable with using your mouse, opening and saving files, and general operations of your computer.

What types of payment do you take?

I have my students prepay for the class either on-line using Paypal (which takes most major credit cards) or I can invoice you right after class and you can pay with a company check.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

If you cancel the day before, we can usually reschedule – no problem. If you cancel that morning and don’t reschedule, I will ask for a cancellation fee of 15%.

What about a satisfaction guarantee?

If you aren’t fully satisfied, you pay nothing. There is no risk involved.

Do you offer any after class support?

Yes! I know you are not going to remember everything you learned so feel free to call me for up to 6 months following the class and I will screen share with you to walk you through anything you forgot.

How do I register for class?

It’s easy. Either click the payment button below and as soon as I receive the PayPal email, I will call or email you to schedule your date. If you prefer to pay by company check, just call me at 678-469-0428 or email me at camtasiatrainer@gmail.com and let me know when you would like to get together.