Course Description

Camtasia Studio with PowerPoint for Elearning, Software Demos and Tutorials

My training is best suited for participants who want to learn through hands-on-training. This is the most efficient way to develop your own tutorials and e-learning while learning the necessary skills to create professional quality training videos.
Either we will use my practice exercises or we can work through the course using your content or deliverable as part of the exercise. That way, after the course, you’ll already have some or all of your project complete.

If you do not have a particular project in mind, you can click on my Portfolio to see the different types of videos you can create with Camtasia. I’m happy to customize the training to whatever type of videos you’ll be creating such as:

Tutorial for a Software Application

Client: UPS


Full Training Course

Client: PeopleSoft


 Software Demo a.k.a. Video Tutorial


Camtasia Training version 9

What’s unique about our Custom Camtasia Training is that you will quickly be able to

    • Create a development process that is specific to your product and resources
    • Define the recording and publishing specifications for your specific corporate requirement
    • Create reusable templates for your scripts, storyboards and other planning documents
    • Create professional-quality tutorials that you can use immediately(we get you up and running very quickly)
    • Fill your Camtasia library with shareable video assets reflecting your corporate brand

We’ll cover all these topics plus much more!

      • Selecting your Recording preferences before you Record
      • Microphone placement
      • Microphone technique
      • Understanding Screen and file sizes
      • Purchasing a headset and/or microphone Webcam or mini video camera if needed
      • Screen resolution settings
      • Setting up your folder structure
      • Recording an application or website
      • Your Working Environment
      • Understanding the Recorder Interface
      • Editing and Enhancing Voiceover Recordings -Noise reduction,sound removal
        In Camtasia or Audacity- Audio Editor
      • Understanding the Audio Editor Interface
      • Setting up hotkeys
      • Adding music from the Camtasia Library and fading it in and out
      • Recording PowerPoint (then importing into Camtasia)
      • Preparing your room, screen and browser for recording
      • How to record windows, applications or regions of your screen
      • Insert captions (subtitles) to help your viewers who may be deaf or hard of hearing
      • Learn to measure how effective your videos really are by using the Quiz and Survey feature
      • Receive Quiz feedback by email or to your Learning Management System
      • Add Title slides and animated intros
      • Zoom & Pan to help your viewers get close to the detail
      • Bahaviors (new in Camtasia 9) to add simple animation
      • Trim and cut unwanted video and audio
      • Insert annotations and callouts to reinforce key learning points
      • Hotspots to jump to external documents or to websites with additional information
      • Minimize file sizes for your Server
      • Creating and Using Recorder Preset Profiles
      • Ensuring consistency of screen capture and other media
      • Best capture settings for your projects
      • Easily Record and Modify webcam video
      • synchronizing audio and video
      • Importing Media Content
      • Adding and editing music
      • Adding Images
      • Where to find royalty free images and stock photos
      • Adding Transitions
      • Producing your video
      • Creating a Menu with Markers for navigation
      • Customize your table of contents and player controls
      • Adding a watermark to brand your intellectual copyright
      • Uploading to the Web or your server-linking to the course from a Web page
      • Batch processing your project files
      • How to FTP or transfer your videos to your website

After Training Support

For two months following our training you will be invited to our weekly Q&A sessions where we provide additional demos and provide video critiques. You will have lifetime access to our Camtasia Coaching Private forum to get answers to your video questions within hours (usually right away). AND- you will have 60 days free access to our Camtasia Coaching Library where we have over 150 archived webinars on PowerPoint and Camtasia tips and techniques.

Optional Additional Training ($195 per person)-Advanced-Course Design and PowerPoint for Video Production

If you would like to add on 4-6 hours of additional training you will learn the best practices in course design from my MS in Instructional Design and my years creating training courses at IBM and AT&T.   You will also learn how to makeover your PowerPoints (too many bullet points!) to be more visual and engaging.

-If done via webinar this would add an additional two (2 hour) online live sessions.
-If done live, in person this would be DAY 2

Analyzing your Audience
– Bandwidth Considerations
– Analyzing your Resources
– Analyzing your Constraint
– Screen Resolution
– Instructional Design
– Linear or Interactive flow

Defining your Objectives
– Overall Training Objectives
– Activity Objectives
– Task Objectives

Creating a Content Outline
– Instructional Design for your Project
– Defining Modules
– Chunking Content
– Understanding Linear and Interactive Paths
– Interactive Module Access Points

Defining Interactivity
– Creating an Interactive Flowchart
– Planning to Create Multiple Paths – Branching

Writing a Script/storyboard

– Narration and Visualization
– Conversation Writing
– Writing Visually

Example Scripts
– Script Templates

-Narration-Professional verses in house

PowerPoint 2016 

Create animation and stunning effects

    • Advanced PowerPoint tips and tricks
    • Custom animations revisited
    • Working with graphics in PowerPoint
    • Using motion paths
    • Creating templates
    • Using multiple slide masters to create PowerPoint backgrounds

Available for

  • “In Person” training in the Metro Atlanta area
  • “Live Webinar Training”   via GotoWebinar.
  • Travel for a minimum of 3 attendees (client pays airfare and hotel).

The schedule is based on your and my availability, but most classes can be scheduled within 2 weeks of our initial contact. Classes can be one-to-one or with several students from the same company.

  • Class runs from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm if done live
  • $397 per student (Five or more students – Inquire for special pricing)

Write me at to discuss dates and how you would like your training customized for your group or project.