An Inspiring Camtasia Case Study

Most of the time when I hear a case study of someone who used an internet product and did extremely well as a result I am always a little skeptical.  How do i know this person isn’t being given a little cash to hype up their story? I guess you could say after being in the Internet Marketing field for a few years I’ve become a bit jaded by all the hype. Even my own story seems made up to me sometimes and I actually know I’m not being paid!David_Rodwell

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Spicing Up the Salespage to Market your Video Tutorials

Once you have created your video course, if you are trying to sell it, you are going to have to create some kind of salespage to market it.  And no matter how much internet traffic you send to that page, if it does not convert your visitors into buyers you will be wasting your time. The salespage that Lon and I have for our course does pretty well helping people to decide if they would benefit from the course material and if it will be worth the price. But, lately, we have been thinking more about what we need to add to spice it up.

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Beginner Series: Create Training Videos – Common Questions & Answers

Creating training videos can move your business forward to the next level establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. Whether you use the videos to train clients or employees creating free or low cost training videos will give you the extra oomph that you need. You can in fact, create an entire business around training. Some common questions about creating free training videos are:

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Beginner Series: What is Camtasia Software?

Camtasia 8 is very powerful software that you can use to capture your computer screen, or use to edit video that you’ve recorded with another type of camera like a webcam. You might wonder why you would want to conduct screen recording but when you consider that by using software such as Camtasia to record your screen you can then teach anyone how to do something on the computer. Some of the functions you can complete using Camtasia:

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Beginner Series: Video Tutorials – Make Money with your Expertise

If you’re looking to make tutorial videos as a way to earn a second income, then there are a few things you need to know about how to create video tutorials by using software to record your screen while you perform various tasks that you want to teach others. You can create very professional training videos with specialized software that will demonstrate to others your expertise. Continue reading