An Inspiring Camtasia Case Study

Most of the time when I hear a case study of someone who used an internet product and did extremely well as a result I am always a little skeptical.  How do i know this person isn’t being given a little cash to hype up their story? I guess you could say after being in the Internet Marketing field for a few years I’ve become a bit jaded by all the hype. Even my own story seems made up to me sometimes and I actually know I’m not being paid!David_Rodwell

To get to the point, I had a really fun and delightful interview with a friend of Lon Naylor’s (my Learn Camtasia business partner) the other day that I wanted to share. And, granted, he does talk quite fondly about the training we provide but what made it so fun for me was how genuinely appreciative and grateful he was for everything going so well in his life. I would almost pay for him to follow me around each day.  I know my hours would be so motivated and uplifting.

David’s story in a nutshell is that he is a bit over 60, was laid off from a great, corporate job with AT&T and ended up cleaning gutters for a while as he couldn’t find anything comparable to what he was doing and as Seinfeld would say “yada yada yada “ and is now making a great income, living in his dream home and all as a result of having implement material in the course. This interview will fill in the yada part.



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