Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Corporations use Camtasia Studio in Very Different Ways

Last month I delivered Instructor-Led Camtasia Studio training to two small groups: once for Chick Fil A Corporate offices here in Atlanta and once for Castellini in Kentucky. Both companies were vastly different in their environment and in the ways they were planning on using the software. I wanted to share my observations to give you some ideas of... [Click here to read more.]

Video Techniques You’ll Want to Copy

There’s a video I’d like you to see. Not just because I think you may be interested in the product he pitches at the end but actually because I was REALLY impressed with the way he created the video itself. And you know best way to learn how to create your own professional screencasts is to study the work of others. I’m... [Click here to read more.]

Getting Better Audio Quality in Your Screencasts

Many of our students ask us about getting rid of the background noise they pick up in their microphone when recording in Camtasia. Here is a recent question: “Is there a recommended or decent way to record audio for slides? It seems the microphone I’m using picks up quite a bit of fan noise from the computer and other noise.” Here are some tips... [Click here to read more.]

Why E-learning Videos are Better than Instructor-Led Live Training

I’ve been creating so many training videos lately that I recently took some time to think about why I love video based on-line training more than I’ve ever liked going into a classroom and sitting through hours or days of an instructor led classroom course. Although in traditional  Web based Learning, learners don’t design the content, they have... [Click here to read more.]

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